Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Routine??

So usually I wake up when my youngest Raymond wakes up but lately he wakes up between 8-9am. Which usually would not be a problem, but I am trying to accomplish more housework in a day and make wholesome meals but I feel like I dont have enough hours. Therefor I am going to try to start getting up earlier. Keyword being TRY! lmao...I am going to aim for 8am since he has been waking up at 9am lately then after a week of that I am going to start trying for 730am and then eventually 7am. I really have never been a morning person so I am not quite sure if I can do earlier than 7am unless I need to get up with hubby before he heads off to work. So tonight I am setting my alarm for 8am. Wish me luck! And now that I am late for my bedtime, I am off to bed!

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