Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Letting Your Husband Be the Head of Your Household

Recently my hubby read, "More Than A Dad" by Scot Anderson, this book has really showed a lot to my hubby and ME. It really teaches men how to take up their role as a Father and the head of the household. If you are a wife you should read it as well, this well help you to step back and let your husband rise up to his God given position. Since he has read this we have talked about him taking over the bills. Not because of any error of mine but because he says I have enough to worry about. He needs to make sure his family is taken care of and taking care of the finances does just that. I was really upset at first, mostly because I enjoy doing it. OK dont get me wrong I hate the stress of it but I like numbers. But God kinda whispered to me to let go and let my husband rise up. My hubby wants to start doing a family night, biweekly dates for us, and a yearly vacation. He also wants to do little things for me and the kids that will have large results. There is a section in the book that basically says that if a man values his wife and sets aside time for just him and his wife that it will teach his male children how to properly treat a woman and also teach his female children to have high standards. We really really like this book and most of the ideas Scot has.
Now maybe some of you reading this are thinking "My husband? He is nowhere near ready to do this! He would freak if I told him to do these things!" Well ladies, first you should buy this book for your husband for fathers day. Begin praying for your husband to rise up to his position and for you to be able to patient and to allow him to take his position as head of your household. When you give your husband this book tell him if he is ready to be open minded to read the book. Tell him it has hilarious dad stories in it and you heard its a really good book for Dads. None of this is lying, just so you know. But leave the rest a mystery and let your hubby read it for himself. Continue to pray for your husband while he reads this book. You will be amazed at his excitement to change things in your family for the better. I truly believe God has blessed this book and I think all husbands/dads should read it. Wives also! It helps us to understand what it is our husbands want to change and why.
I really hope that God blesses your family through this book or even other means if necessary. Ladies I am in search of a book that will help us to back down and let our husbands be the God fearing Men they are destined to be. If you have any suggestions please let me know.