Sunday, April 19, 2009

Davens Lessons: Letter "L"

My oldest son Daven is 4 years old and I am homeschooling him for preschool. We do a letter a week and after a few letters we will have a review week to make sure he has those letters down before we move on. I got this nifty and colorful preschool workbook at Target (I will find the link for you tomorrow) and it works absolutely perfect for him and I. There are different sections in the workbook; mazes, letters, numbers, colors, same/different, sounds, and shapes. So we do one from all the sections except letters and numbers a day. We do one letter and number a week. I think this week is number 6 in this workbook. I also print out worksheets online for him to do with the letter of the week. I am also trying to get into a routine of reading his bible with him everyday during school time. Also this week I want to start teaching him to pray the "Our Father". We attend catholic mass so I am going to try to work on him memorizing the parts that we recite during mass as well as teach him to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy. So tomorrow I will be introducing the letter "L" (oh we also do signs for every letter: sign language) as well as working on his other skills and teaching him the first 2 lines of the "Our Father" and we will be reading a story about Jesus tomorrow from his bible. We will also be playing in the pool for our P.E. I will try to post pics and links of what we do for school everyday :D

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