Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doctors are nuts!! and we are DONE!

So if you know me and my family personal then you know we have been experiencing what seems to be a swarm of medical issues. First let me start with our son, Raymond. He has a slight allergy to milk protein, what I mean by slight is that he can have sensitive milk based formula(had to switch from breastfeeding cause a no dairy/no soy diet killed me!)BUT he cannot have foods with multiple dairy products in it or when i was breastfeeding I couldnt have MILK! So naturally I switched to what I thought was the only alternative: Soy Milk. WRONG! He had a worse reaction to that! So anyways he is now 7 months old and hates drinking his formula. He has always cried while he drank a bottle but at least he doesnt have the rash and goppy eyes anymore. Or the INTENSE crying fits he had before when I was breastfeeding or when we tried regular formula. So with their being no other affordable source of formula without soy or dairy in it, I have decided to mix rice milk into his formula bottles to help him. Since he can tolerate dairy in small doses. I started him at about 4ish today and OMG he is a different baby. He ate 3 8oz bottles from then until 11pm tonight. usually im lucky to get him to drink that in a whole 24 hours. He actually pulled his bottle back in his mouth to eat if i took it out of his mouth AND hardly any crying at all. Now I did read that rice milk is not very nutritional which is why Im only mixing it in with his formula which has plenty of nutrients in it. When he turns a year old I will be mixing it with toddler formula and giving him calcium and vitamin D from other foods. Then he will be on vitamins if needed. I do not want to try to switch him to cows milk until he is older. If he likes it then fine. If not then NO harm done. We are the only species who WILLINGLY drinks another animals MILK! EWW lol....Dont get me wrong I personally love the taste of milk over rice milk or soy BUT i understand why my sons tummy cannot handle it. We werent necessarily supposed to. So until further notice rice milk/formula bottles for my darling angel!
On to my medical problem! At my post partum check up in Oct I was an idiot and got the depo shot. I didnt think I could remember pills after having 2 kids. Since I had a drug free natural delivery I had NO PLAN ON EVER HAVING MORE CHILDREN. Thank God, He has changed my mind on that one! Any hoo! I bled from having raymond up until a few days before my post partum appointment then started spotting the day of and then proceeded to bleed continuously til Feb 13th of this year. I decided NOT to get another shot of depo when it was due in January. I didnt have a period but did spot in march then started a HEAVY period April 9th that is still going. I went to the hospital, they said there was nothing they could do but put me BACK on birth control! OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Cure a birth control related problem with BIRTH CONTROL!?!?! IDIOTS! Well almost 2 weeks later and HELLO still bleeding and still having CLOTS. So! Last night I was fed up after having another larger than quarter sized clot. I googled (yes i google my medical problems lol) depo and endometriosis as i am suspected to have it due to family medical history and my own symptoms. I found awful awful stories that women have posted about their experience with depo. So many stories like mine and even worse which I couldnt hardly imagine going through worse! When I looked up endometriosis I found that my symptoms could also be that BUT most likely depo. So I looked up herbal remedies for endometriosis and found this! "Red raspberry reduces bleeding and is thought to strengthen the uterus—herbalists and midwives have been using it for these purposes for at least a thousand years." AND "Horsetail also reduces excessive bleeding, especially menstrual bleeding. And it may do more than that for women with endometriosis—herbalists believe that it keeps scar tissue flexible, thus preventing further scarring. During the tuberculosis outbreaks of the early twentieth century,horsetail was used to reduce the amount of scarring on people's lungs. Pills containing horsetail are commonly sold to strengthen nails and hair, and may also strengthen connective ligaments such as those that hold the uterus in place."
So I went to Sprouts (our chain farmers market/organic store) and bought Red Raspberry capsules and Horsetail capsules. I took them when I got home and a second dose of horstail before coming up for bed. I can tell you that I feel much better already. My bleeding has so far slowed down more than I expected in such a short hours of taking these herbs. I am so glad I decided to look for herbal remedies.
On to hubby's case. Hubby has been having spouts of dizziness and migraines and some digestion problems. He works construction so on Monday when he told me he got so dizzy he almost fell off of a 20' platform I demanded he see a doctor. He is covered at the VA hospital (being a marine veteran and all yay!) so we went there. And well...they told him he just had some "digestive problems" im trying to be discreet with hubbys medical problems. They totally ignored the headaches and dizzy spells. He drinks plenty of water! Eats well! So he should NOT be having these symptoms. So today I look up herbal rememdies for dizziness and find peppermint oil pills to help and also chamomile tea. So I bought both at Sprouts as well. He took a peppermint pill before bed but idk how well it worked but he did fall asleep shortly after lol. He said it sucked though cause he was burping up peppermint lol but is definately worth it if he isnt dizzy.
WITH ALL THIS SAID! We are NOT trusting doctors! They have put me and my family through so many heartaches with all their mumbo jumbo and wanting to push pills down our throats or just NOT do anything at all and blame it on bowl movements!!!! So from now on I plan to treat our problems herbally (kids will still go for checkups but doc advise will be very very carefully thought about before following).
Some may call me crazy and say that certain people react certain ways and to just let my body work it out and so on. But if I would have left my body to God in the first place I wouldnt be where I am now. So Im going to use the resources our wonderful Lord has provided and fix what me and the idiot doctors have done. If you would like any info about herbs or natural remedies or where to find herbs I have some great links! Just contact me and I will be happy to share! Have a good night!

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