Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday is here...again

I saw a friends profile this morning and for her mood she put "case of the mondays". Hmmm What exactly does that mean? Well, after a nice weekend people are not always ready to go back to work. They are unmotivated, undetermined, and just plain BLAH! BUT as housewives we can not let ourselves get a "case of the mondays." We know what Monday entails we greet it every week. To keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of the week ease yourself into the housework. Dont try to get everything accomplished in one day. Just tackle the worst area today. Which is usually the kitchen or living room. Surprisingly enough we do not have a bad area this week, people picked up after themselves quite well this weekend. WaHOOOOO!
Dont forget to keep on top of your 6 month goals. Look over them every morning. Dont beat yourself up if you do not accomplish every goal in everyday. They are 6 month goals for a reason. It will take a while to establish them as habits.
So lets get washed, dressed, and primped and get to our chores, kids, and work(if you work at home). Have a great progressive day!

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