Sunday, June 14, 2009

Full Day of Elimination Observation

Today I started observing when Raymond went pee or poop. I found out that he pees about every 45 minutes to an hour. After a few days Im sure I will see a pattern in his poop habits. I caught two pees outside today! YAY!!! Since we do not have a baby potty chair I am scared to try to pee him in the bathroom lol Im afraid he will pee and it will go up and all over the bathroom lol. But going outside works for now until we get a baby potty chair. Raymond I think really enjoys not being wet all day. I also let him take a nap without a diaper on, I had two prefolds right there under his bum and in front of his winky to catch the pee. He only pee'd once while napping. About an hour ago he pee'd in his diaper and came crawling to me crying. its the first time i let him be wet all day lol. After his cloth diapers are done in the laundry he will go right back in them :D Looking forward to tomorrow :D

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