Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick House Clean for Company

Tips to zoom through your home and clean up quickly when company is on the way.

Company is on the way and your house is mess. But there is hope for a clean home in record time. If you have about 15 minutes and can work fast follow the steps below to get your home clean and organized, at least as far as your guest is concerned, right in time.

Your Tools:


Large Trash Bag

Large Basket

Surface Wipes

Damp Rag

First of all if you have a few odors open all windows and maybe a back door with a screen. Spray something fresh. Or better yet throw some frozen cookie dough in the oven. Or simmer some vanilla diluted in water on the stove. The open window will work the best and quickest to rid your home of odors.

Next you?ll be dragging your trash bag from room to room. Start where your front door is. Most likely the living room. Just in case your company arrives before you finish you want to at least have the room they see first the cleanest.

1. Set your timer for 5 minutes. You have 5 minutes to get the front room and any peripheral rooms, such as dining room or family room, together.

2. Trash: Dragging your trash bag around with you (you don?t want to leave it one place and keep coming back to it as that is wasted energy and time) start dumping any garbage lying around into the bag.

3. As you?re trashing straighten items you come to. Fluff pillows, straighten magazines. Just pile don?t look for places to put them. Clear off dining table. Push in chairs. Don?t organize. If the dining table is foody (my sister?s word) wipe it with the damp rag. You only have 5 minutes for this area.

4. Clutter: Get your big basket. This should also be drug around with you. Dump those mischievous items that don't belong in it as you clean. If it?s a nice basket you can stuff it in a corner. You'll find their correct homes later.

5. Bedrooms: Make all beds. I say this because I can't believe how nosey people are and they always find a way to look into your private bedrooms. I don't like this but it happens so take care of the situation before it arises. If you have a very short amount of time just cover with the comforter. This takes seconds.

Your timer should go off somewhere here. Reset it for 5 minutes again and then move on to the...

6. Bathroom: Go to the guest bathroom and (hopefully you have some emergency wipes that you keep in there on hand) use your wipes. Really try your hardest to make it to this room. Cleaning the living room and the bathroom are the most important. Wipe down the mirror and the chrome with the window cleaner wipes. Wipe the counter tops with a general purpose wipe. Swish your toilet and use a flushable wipe to clean the seats of it. Use a wipe to spot check any (noticeable) spots on the floor. Take all used towels and dump them in the laundry area. Hang a nice clean hand towel (this is of course after you?ve washed your hands from toilet duty) and spray some nice scented something. Put out a new piece of soap. Take the old one to your personal bathroom.

If your next 5 minutes aren?t up (they shouldn?t be) just take your timer to the next area. The...

5. Kitchen: Get all the dirty dishes out of the sink and off the counters. Wash them if you have time or put them all in the dish washer. Wipe down counters. Put any food sitting out away. Sweep the floor. Again the trash should be emptied here and spray in the can with air freshener if needed.

If you still have time vacuum the living room and dining room if you have carpet. Or sweep these floors.

Whew! Now go comb your hair and spritz on some perfume! Look relaxed. You will daze and amaze your friends. They will wonder how you always have such a clean and organized home! ; )

Honestly you would be surprised at what you can accomplish in 5 minutes. From a messy breakfast I can clean the kitchen in 5 minutes. In 15 minutes I can put my home back together after hosting my extended family. Test this method out before using it real time and adjust it to meet your own household?s needs.

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