Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's been a while

Sorry its been so long since I've blogged, Raymond was teething, had a nasty diaper rash, got his first tooth YAY, and we've been working on our elimination communication. I got both diaper free books from the library. Great books by the way. Raymond is doing really good we are catching about 2-3 pees a day one at nap time, before bed and during the night. Im working on trying to notice when he needs to go pee during the day BEFORE he goes. Its much harder during the day cause all he wants to do is play and crawl around. Besides for learning to pee out of the diaper and getting a tooth he is also learning to walk! They learn so much at this age...

Daven is also learning a lot. We just did the letter "R" this past week. He is also working on numbers, shapes, and signing. :)
I really want to work on getting him to memorize prayers but Im not too sure if that would be too much for him right now. I guess I could always try and find out lol.
In the midst of all this learning we are all LEARNING to be a happy harmonious family and its absolutely wonderful.

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